Spotting the Scariest Scams on Cam Sites

“Be very cautious while using cam sites, they can scam you”

Some scams on cam sites are worse than others. All of them need to be dealt with, and you should be cautious of any scams that you find. Of course, some of them are much worse, and those are the ones that you truly need to look out for during your camming experience. If you mess up on that, you’re going to have some pretty bad explaining to do.

The worst scams out there are the ones that target you as a person rather than as a series of ones and zeroes. You can spot the ones that attack your computerfairly easily, and that’s pretty easy to get out of without losing much. You can always call the bank and cancel your cards, for example. It’s not going to be fun, and getting a new computer and setting up new passwords isn’t any fun either, but it’s doable.

But with some of these terrible scams, you aren’t being targeted as a potential victim by worms or bleeds. You’re being targeted as a living, breathing, empathic human being. Those are the ones that can leave you feeling duped, used, or even violated by people that you’ve come to like, trust, and maybe even love a little bit. These are the absolute worst scams out there.

The “Private” Cam Girl

“These cam girls try to trap you with their sweet talk”

Sometimes, you’ll get a girl on even the best reviewed cam sites that will act super sweet to you in particular. She’ll be all over you, she’ll talk about how amazing you are, and she’ll let you know that you’re absolutely the sweetest and most handsome man that she’s ever cammed for. All she wants to do is serve you, and she sends you little emails and treats through the day or week to let you know that she missed you. This is totally flattering…and totally a trap.

These girls are going to get you alone, then drop the hammer. This is what they do. They’re going to make you feel like you’re the only guy that matters, and then they’re going to ask you if you want tosave some moneyby giving her a private Skype show. This is an incredibly common scam, so much so that it’s very well-known, but guys still fall for it all the time.

This scam is actually so common that a lot of cam sites have started banning the word “Skype.” If you even use it in your chat conversation, you can get kicked out, suspended, or even banned from the site, no matter how many credits you’ve purchased. This is partially to keep as much business as possible on the site, and partially because the people behind the site don’t want the girls to take advantage of guys that just want to have fun on the cheap.

“They will scam you and take all your money”

Here’s the problem: a hot cam model can get dozens of guys going. If her rate on the site is $5.99 per minute, if you wanted to watch her for an hour she’d charge you over $350. Now, what she will do is say that she’ll cut you a huge bargain-an hour for just $200, and she gets to keep all of the profits instead of giving them to the site. All you have to do is send her themoney via PayPal, and she’ll give you a free sexy show on Skype.

Of course, like we said, she’s got dozens of guys going. She just has to say that she’ll do it, and if a dozen guys all pay out, that’s $2400. And you can’t even complain to the website you saw her on if she doesn’t deliver the goods, because going through Skype and Paypal is a violation of the terms of service of most cam sites.

Essentially, the worst thing about this scam is that you have no recourse. The best thing to do if you find yourself in this situation is tofile a chargebackon your credit card account, if PayPal won’t give you your money back in a dispute. Make sure that you’re protecting yourself, and remember that sometimes paying more for a better product is totally worth the money. There’s a lot less risk involved that way, for one thing.

The Broken Wing

“These cam girls will fool you with their fake tears”

This one is more common with online dating, but it still occurs often enough in even the best reviewed cam sites to make people sit up and take notice. This is basically when you get to know a girl on a cam site that starts to have certain personal problems when youtalk to her. She’s always got a sad story, and she always wants to talk about her personal life.

After a while, you start to realize that all of her stories are pretty much the same. At least, they’re the same in tone, which is always very sad. She’s usually pretty good at keeping a brave face, but sometimes she’ll draw out private chats or public discussions into a long sad story about her life that will make men throw tips at her.

Finally, this one culminates when she tells you (and a dozen other guys) that you’re the only one who can help her. She just needs a little money and maybe a place to stay for the night, and she’ll be able to get to you pretty quickly and stay there. Of course, you love this idea, because hey, free sex with a porn model! Of course, it isn’t free, and you aren’t going to get to have sex with herno matter what you do. She’ll take your money and have dry eyes all the way to the bank.

The Chatter

“She can read your mind and works accordingly”

This one is less a scam and more of a popular cam girl’s trick to try and get as much money as possible out ofgood-natured guys. This cam girl is totally adept at reading the mood of a scene, and knowing when she can drag out her show for the highest possible return on her time. She’ll do everything super slowly, stopping often to talk to you about other things, or just making it really sexy when she talks.

Of course, she’s going to be so good at this that you won’t even notice the clock ticking by until you’ve spent an entire week’s pay on this girl. We can’t even call this one a pure scam, because she IS giving you what you want, but she’s just doing it in a way that vastly benefits her over you. You’ve got to be vigilant for this girl, because she’s everywhere, and she’s very good at what she does. Otherwise she wouldn’t be on a cam site with positive reviews.

If you get suckered in by this girl, you probably won’t go back to her in the future. However, most of these girls are pretty good at what they do, and you might find yourself thinking that next time will be different if you just give her another chance. Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen, and you’ll just wind up wasting more money on her in the future. Protect yourself instead, and find yourself a better cam girl who has more important things to dothan scam customers out of their hard-earned paychecks. Find legit sexy cam amateurs on top sites mentioned here: Choose a cam girl from the best cam sites in the U.K. and avoid getting scammed.

What to Do When Her Dog Doesn’t like You

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“Show lots of love and affection to her pet”

When it comes to finding a decent hook up in Bristol, being able to get along with people’s pets can be a helpful trait to have. Unfortunately, many of us just aren’t that good with animals: dogs, cats or otherwise. The ones you are most likely to have trouble with, however, are dogs, and thus the ones that it is really best to have some method on hand to deal with. The thing about finding a good lay is that once you’ve found someone, going back for more is much easier than looking for someone else. If you cannot get along with her beloved pet, the chances of that happening are pretty slim. Having a plan of attack, then, at least improves your chances of having an easy hookup down the line. You can also find some tips for your online dating hookups at Trust the tips from the best cheater dating sites only and read the tricks we shared below to make her pets like you.

Do Not Try to Be an “alpha”

“Stop being a pack leader”

One of the worst, but unfortunately most common pieces of advicehanded out concerning dogs is to take on the role of pack leader, or the “alpha”male that the dog will supposedly respect. This does not actually help you in most cases. For one thing, if she has trained the dog right, they will already acknowledge her as someone they need to listen to, not you, and will react badly to an attempt to undermine her authority. Moreover, if she has not trained the dog correctly, you are now trying to compete with her for respect, which will usually just end up in confusion or the dog winning over you both. It is better not to try sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong with this and just give up on the matter in either case.

More importantly, however, is the point that this way of thinking just does not work. This is because, whatever dog whisperersor what have you would have you believe, dog packs actually do not have a very strict hierarchy. While this might not be important to know when you are looking for British cheater dating site reviews, it is exceedingly more helpful once you actually meet up with whoever you found there. This is because, unlike many other household pets that generally stay at home, dogs are the most likely animal for you to meet up with outside of the home. This means that even if you intend to hook up in a more public location, you still run the chance of encountering a dog that really does not want to be around you. Learning how to deal with them now will only help you in the future. Knowing not to try for the alpha position in the dog’s life, more than anything else, will keep you from making a mistake you really cannot make up for later on. Animals may not be terribly smart, but they remember things a long time, which means you basically have one chance to make a good impression.

Making the most of your first impression means playing to the dog’s pack sensibilities, if the animal is already on edge just being around you, then trying to be an alpha instead of part of the family is likely to piss them off more than anything. This means being willing to take a step back, or give way when the animal is making clearly aggressive moves towards you. This also means, however, learning to stand your ground and give the dog time to see that she is okay with you being there and that you are not going to be aggressive yourself. There is a careful balance to reach in which you are unafraid but respectful of the clear dislike the animal holds for you. Once you achieve that, you will find the entire situation much easier to deal with overall.

Ask about the Dog’s Temperament

“Do some research work before meeting your girlfriend’s pet”

One of the things many people forget to do when dealing with an animalthat does not seem to be taking well to their presence is to ask the owner if this is usually behavior. You could have picked her up from the site with the best British cheater dating site reviews for Bristol, but you can bet she is not going to have this sort of detailed information in her profile. Since you cannot expect to be told something unless you ask, the best thing to do is to straight up ask about the animal if you are going to make matters worse acting a certain way. Although dogs in general have a lot of things in common when reacting to a situation, you cannot expect them all to react exactly the same. Just like humans, they have their own experiences to draw from when it comes to dealing with new people.

More than anything else, tailoring your reaction to suit the dog currently causing you grief is going to really manage the situation to the best possible outcome. Another thing to keep in mind is that the more open you are to accepting her animals as a fact of life and adjusting to their individual quirks, the more impressed she is going to be with you. Even if she is just looking for a quick lay, finding someone who can deal with her irritable petwithout causing a much bigger problem or backing off at first sign of trouble is going to be much preferred to trying to find someone new each time she has an itch to scratch. Finding a good hook up should never be considered just a one-time thing. While it certainly can turn out that way, it is often better to act as if you are going to see each other at least once more. That way if things go well, being called up for a second round, or approaching her for the same becomes an entirely reasonable proposition. The more people you connect with like this, the less likely you are to ever have to spend the night alone.

Avoid the Problem

“Before going to meet her, clearly mention that you’re allergic to pets”

We have said a lot about what to do when you find yourself dealing with an impossible canine, but when it comes down to it, the best solution for aggressive pet dogs is just to avoid being in the situation to begin with. When it comes to someone’s pets, particularly if they are just a short term hook up, there are always ways around having to make nice. If you do not really want to deal with the animal, or do not want to both with setting yourself up for a possible second meeting, you can nip this problem in the bud without offending anyone. How? Before agreeing to meet up with her, just mention that you have a pretty bad allergy. That way, you can keep her from bringing the dog in the first place. On the other hand, if the original plan was to meet up at her place and mentioning this brings up the issue of there being a dog you would have to deal with, this gives you a chance to redirect the meet up to somewhere else entirely. Whether it is looking for British cheater dating site reviews or finding the perfect giftto keep a potential playmate interested, always remember that you have options and talking to her before you meet up is a consistently valid solution.

Tips for Dating on Vacation

“Spend your money wisely”

As anyone who has every had a fling on a business trip can tell you, having a little fun on the side is really one of the best ways to enjoy time spent away from home. Whether that means only making it to Leeds, or kicking off a trip to a more tropical destination by enjoying it with someone new, finding someone to enjoy your time off is not exactly an untested notion. Hooking up with someone while away from your home life is pretty common, but most of the time ends up being either a spur of the moment idea or a chance meeting that extends a few days. The first thing you will require is to meet a woman who is also interested in a similar scenario. So, choose from a fling dating site here: and read the England casual dating site reviews. Once, you are assured that you have the right site, choose a woman that you really like, impress her, woo her and start dating. Instead of waiting on inspiration and dumb luck, why not ensure that your time away is time well spent?

Make Arrangements Beforehand

“Make a hotel reservation in advance”

One of the most common mistakes by people who consider hooking up while on vacation starts at the very beginning: not taking care of all the arrangements beforehand. We have popular casual dating reviews for a reason, after all! If you aren’t making use of these sorts of things, you are really doing yourself a disservice. It is not just a matter of finding and using a dating site, but making sure you chat with someone before you show up. Having someone waiting to see you once you are in town is a lot easier to work with than trying to plan around getting lucky in a local haunt. Knowing what you want is only half of the battle, after all: you also have to be able to find it, or them as the case may be. What most people forget when they think of jumping into something like this, however, is that women are not just waiting around to be picked up at the drop of a hat. They have their own things to do as well, and if you don’t give them time to make plans, you can’t guarantee she will be available even if you do manage to get lucky at the local bar.

Most people are already familiar with booking a hotel room, transportation and the like; finding someone to show you the sights and generally hang out with while you are in the area should not be that much different. When you make your plans, get them straight with work and the rest of your life, and finally put money down on the trip, it’s time to switch over to finding the right casual dating site as well. It’s nothing more than another step in the process at the end of the day. It just so happens to be one of the easier and more enjoyable tasks, as simply finding the right site tends to be the hardest part. Instead of finding a site that caters to specific needs or wants you might have regarding your companion, it is often best, in these cases, to focus on the locale first, so you can make sure you are talking to someone in the area and who is mainly concerned with remaining in that area. Of course, there is the chance that you might find someone else from out of town looking for someone to enjoy their vacation with, and that can be just a fun as a local. In the end, the only thing that matters is your preference.

Getting a site specific to the area is usually just a matter of comparing popular casual dating reviews until you find one that not only caters to hook ups in that area, but also appeals to any other preferences you might have. Do you want someone energetic and excited to hit the nightlife, or someone who wants to run around to all the tourist traps with someone from out of town? In the end, the site you choose will have a lot to do with who you find on it, so make sure to vet them carefully and choose the one that seems most likely to have the women you want to hook up with available.

Plan Some of the Trip, but Leave Time for Suggestions

“Discuss your plans with your friends”

Along those lines, don’t just plan ahead in terms of how to get there and who you will be with: make sure you are putting some effort into what you want to do once you get there as well. There are few reasons we make this suggestion. First is simply that it makes it easier to find someone to enjoy your vacation with, since their level of interest is going to largely depend on what you want to spend time doing with them. There’s no guarantee you will be able find someone who just wants to hang out with someone from Leeds out of morbid curiosity, after all. Our second point, however, has a lot more to do with your own personal enjoyment. The thing is, people who spend the time to plan out at least half of their vacation tend to get a whole lot more out of it than people who do not. That generally revolves around being able to make reservations for things ahead of time to make sure you can get in, buying tickets if needed, and generally having a good idea of how you want to spend your time.

On the other hand, don’t take this as advice to completely plan everything down to the minute, either. Once you have someone else involved in your plans – especially if she is not someone who you otherwise spend time with – you have to assume those plans are going to change at some point. Do not wait for her to mention something after you get there, and don’t needlessly restrict your initial search to women who can manage your schedule. Instead, sort out the meat of what you want to do while you are there and start your search for a companion with that. Then, once you think yourself reasonably likely to land a date or two with people who will actually enjoy most of what you have planned, go ahead and start making the reservations and buying the tickets. In this way you have everything you need to enjoy the plans you have made, but also some wiggle room should your companion make other suggestions while you are there, or just shake up the timing a bit.

Keep Your Money Separated

“A prepaid card will help you manage your money”

Any trip through popular casual dating reviews should come complete with some warnings, especially if this is your first time trying something like this. First and foremost is protecting your money while you are out and about in a foreign location, no matter how close to home you actually are. When it comes down to it, casual dating is done between people who really do not know much about one another and aren’t all that different than two completely strangers. That means you can only assume and hope for the best for so long before becoming willfully blind to the chances of getting scammed in some way. Basically, just make sure to watch your own back, because you definitely cannot expect your date to. This starts with your identity and your money. Never bring much more than you intend to spend, and if you can limit your money to a prepaidcard to avoid getting hit up hard should things go south.

4 Traits That You Should Look for in Job Seekers

It is certainly tough to look for a great employee. There are many skilled and intelligent people to choose from. If you are a CEO of a company or a hiring manger, what do you think is the best thing to look for in a prospect employee? To ease your mind, here are 4 traits that you should consider when looking for an employee.

1. Has an ambition

Most companies nowadays do not only look at skills and intelligence as traits of great employees. Most of them actually want an employee that can withstand pressure and adapt to change immediately. A great employee then needs to have ambition. An employee with an ambition is motivated and has the desire and drive to fulfill that ambition. People with this trait are not satisfied with just merely collecting pay checks. They will strive hard to climb to the top.

2. Sense of responsibility

Employees that are responsible are assets to the company. Responsible employees can become good decision makers and most of them, if not all, are self-reliant. They can work on their own without further supervision. They also take full accountability to the outcomes of the decisions they make. They are critical thinkers as they will always examine every scenario thoroughly before making a decision.

Don’t Look For A Job Until You Read This!

Don’t Look For A Job Until You Read This!

3. The essence of humility

You can have the most skilled or most intelligent employee, but if that employee is not humble enough then that employee cannot be regarded as great. A great employee should be able to identify their faults and shortcomings. This is an essential trait that you should look for as this will stimulate improvement. Employees that have the essence of humility do not only have the ability to see their own faults, but they can also appreciate and learn from others.

4. Patience and perseverance

Life is said to be a journey. In this journey patience and perseverance are needed. This applies to work too. There will be times that you and your employees will face difficult situations. If you choose employees with patience, these employees will stand beside you and work with you. They will help you find ways to solve problems. They will face obstacles and perform with the best of their ability to conquer these obstacles. They will not waver until the goal is completed.

There are many ways to go about searching for new employees.

There are many ways to go about searching for new employees.

These are 4 traits that you should consider when hiring an employee. Times have changed tremendously. Skills and intelligence alone will not make people successful. Having employees with the skillsets mentioned above will surely help you achieve the company’s goals. Identifying the skills employees need to have for the future is essential for you to reach goals easily. If your employees have these traits, then your future is covered.

5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Dream Vacation

Taking a vacation is one way to reward yourself for all your hard work. When budget is tight, you’ll have to settle for a nearby beach or perhaps rest in your own abode. If budget and time permits it, you can embark on your dream vacation. It’s true that going to another place for vacation can be pretty expensive. But if you know how to save on your vacation, you’ll still enjoy the entire trip without consuming everything in your bank account. Here are 5 tips that allow you to save money during your dream vacation:

1. Travel during off-season

It’s the easiest way to lower the cost of your dream vacation. Airlines, restaurants, and hotels charge more during holiday season. So if your schedule permits it, travel during off-season. Another bonus is that places will be less crowded.

2. Take advantage of traveling discounts

You can get travelling discounts from different sources. For instance, you can save on car rentals through discounts offered by credit unions. AAA can give you substantial savings on your hotel accommodation and food. Take the time to see the available discounts for you to spend less. You may even double up on certain discounts to save more.

New York City, photo courtesy of Top of the Rock.

New York City, photo courtesy of Top of the Rock.

3. Go for all-inclusive deals

All-inclusive deals include pretty much everything you need. You can save money by going for these deals. However, you have to be careful before choosing a deal. Make sure that you’ll turn out saving and not spending more. You also have to be aware of possible upcharges for certain activities.

4. Invite friends

Invite your friends to join you on your dream vacation. Not only will it be more fun, but you can also divide the expenses and end up paying less. A group of 3 or 4 will people is good enough. But if you wish to save more, you’ll have to invite more friends to come with you.

5. Stay in a vacation home or a condo

It’s cheaper to stay in a condo or vacation home than to stay in a hotel or resort. You can share the cost with your friends. Also, condos and vacation homes typically have kitchens. This means that you can save on your food expenses. You can cook and prepare affordable meals and don’t have to eat in expensive restaurants all the time.

Peaceful, Relaxing, Comfortable, Safe - A beautiful quality upscale condo in the green belt, on the western edge of the city.

Peaceful, Relaxing, Comfortable, Safe – A beautiful quality upscale condo in the green belt, on the western edge of the city.

Dream vacations are experiences you can cherish for a lifetime. However, there are things that can ruin your vacation. Money is a good spoiler. So before you even take a plane and travel to your dream destination, make sure to plan the entire trip carefully. Look for ways to spend less. Your dream vacation can still be so much fun even if you don’t spend a fortune. Be wise with your finances. After all, your vacation is supposed to make you happy and not give you financial headaches.  

5 Things You May Not Know About Bottled Water

What better ways to keep cool when you’re on go? Buy bottled water! It’s light, it’s safe, it’s cheap, and it even has the right amount of minerals you need. The bottled water is almost becoming the top consumed beverage in the country, making it a royalty and a preference among health concerned individuals. Yet, how much do you know about what you’re drinking?

Below are the 5 things you may not have known about bottled water and how it compares to its tap variety.

Costs 300 Times More than Tap Water

Sadly most of us never knew that the water coming out our faucets cost 300 times less than that of bottled waters. At $ 0.003, you’re buying yourself a gallon of tap water already. Think about how much you’d save.

Tested Less Frequently for Contaminants

Most of you think that since it comes from factories and it’s contained in a bottle, it undergoes special testing for contaminants, but actually no. The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration, who monitors the production of bottle water, only requires that testing be done at least once a week. Tap water is required to be tested for contaminants for numerous times a day to avoid contamination since it’s within the public’s consumption. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA monitors tap water and has stricter standards for testing.



Has Less Harmful Chemicals making it Safer

Think again. Since it’s produced in factories and it is contained in a plastic bottle, synthetic chemicals may still be found leeching off the bottle. In 1990, millions of water bottles by Perrier had to be pulled out of markets because benzene traces were found.

Another matter concerning safety is Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the polymer resin used to produce the bottles. Studies on some water bottles have shown that Antimony, a chemical element used as catalyst for producing PET, leeches off of these bottles.

Hard Truths About Water & Sport Berkey Water Bottles Giveaway

Hard Truths About Water & Sport Berkey Water Bottles Giveaway

Doesn’t Taste Better

Bottled water doesn’t taste better. Taste is a preference. Whether you’ve drunk mineral water or tap water your whole life, of course you’d take one over the other. Surveys on water preference have been conducted and blind taste tests as well. It’s surprising to note that most participants can’t tell the two apart.

Is Garbage

Since its plastic you thought they are just recycled right after they’re used. Well, at least that’s what you do. Most consumers just throw them away right after they’re finished. About 85% of the produced water bottles are taking up spaces in landfills and other floating on rivers and even the seas.

Now that you know the truth, you’re probably thinking of switching to tap. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of people have taken the lead, and you might just be right to do the same.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Walk Down the Aisle

Girls, don’t be pressured to say yes even if he is on his knees and presenting you a ring that costs the same as your 5-year salary. The thing is, some ladies just get washed over by emotion on the actual time of the proposal that they say yes without thinking. Others, they’re also afraid of embarrassing their partner in public. Well, the good news is, there’s a way to avoid that situation.

Here, we present 5 questions that you can ask yourself before you walk down the aisle. We know it’s a lot to ask to run these through your head when he’s waiting on his knees. Which is why, you need to consciously ask yourself these questions as early as when things are starting to get serious. You might need to redo asking yourself every month, every 6 months or every year. What is important is that when the time comes, you should be ready.

It may seem kind of cute now that your partner is in your hand

It may seem kind of cute now that your partner is in your hand

Can I Really Spend Every Day With Him?

Marrying someone means vowing you’ll spend every day with that person. So, if you can imagine literally spending every day with this person, and your imagination is favorable of course, then that’s a good sign. Do not let the habits that bother you slide. If something is out of hand, tell your partner right away. Whether it’s a hygiene problem or a psychological mishap, you have to confront it before it’s too late.

Will I Take My Vows Seriously?

The marriage vows may sounds simple and tedious but really, you have to take these to heart to make a marriage work. Can you really be with this person in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse? Sorry to break it to you but if you’re skeptic about this one, then maybe it’s time to rethink your marriage choice.

Will He Be a Good Father to My Children?

Aside from wanting to spend forever with someone, marriage is also a good foundation for starting your own family. So if you are viewing your current relationship as a long-term one, ask yourself if he will be a good father to your children. Ultimately, that’s an eventuality anyway. See if he is responsible enough to raise kids or at least, one that has a lot of potential for building a good environment for a startup family.

Do I Feel Secure with Him?

Always, it is important that you feel secure with your partner. Here, we talk about being financially and emotionally secure. Do you not feel threats of losing your partner because of petty things? Do you feel like you can really do the “forever” thing with him? Also, do you feel like your partner can work with you to provide you a good life, especially when you start a family? Being the woman doesn’t always mean that you’re the one that needs to be pampered and that you should pick a rich, or, at the very least, a husband that has a stable job. What is important is that you know you’re going to have his contribution when need be, financially.

Pre-Marriage Questions You Should Ask Before You Get Married

Pre-Marriage Questions You Should Ask Before You Get Married

Does it Feel Right?

This time, you can do away with all the empirical data and turn to your gut. Does it feel right to be with this person? Does it feel like your relationship could really stand the test of time? if it does, that’s a good sign. This feeling is especially important. Forever is a long way to go, after all.

Top iPhone 5 Flaws You Didn’t See Coming

Apple’s newest iPhone has dazzled 5 million consumers on the first three days after its release. The iPhone 5 immediately became a must-have for most smartphone users the moment it was introduced. But now that it’s all up for grabs, a lot of its users have complained about certain downsides they have encountered with the device. Does this mean that the iPhone 5 is not as brilliant as it seemed to be after all?

1. Apple Maps

Clearly, Apple and Google have not been in good terms lately and it only took Apple to strip off Google Maps as default in the iPhone to continue the war. In all fairness, they have created their own Maps app. However, many iPhone 5 users found the app to be buggy and inaccurate in a lot of places. Moreover, the Apple Maps didn’t seem to have overpowered the core features of Google Maps. I guess you wouldn’t be using this app for a while.

iPhone 5’s discovered problems make Vietnamese people hesitant

iPhone 5’s discovered problems make Vietnamese people hesitant

2. Slow Wi-Fi connection

Many users have reported to have encountered problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks with their iPhone. At times, it just drops the connection or doesn’t connect at all. Others have also claimed that even when standing next to a router, the Internet connection seems to still be really slow. You might probably consult this to an iStore near you or at least, if it’s worth a try, restart your iPhone.

3. Battery drain

Users who have the iOS 6.1 installed in their devices have complained of excess battery drainage and overheating. Reports said that it will supposedly be fixed by updating to the iOS 6.1.2 update but even after this has been done, the problems don’t seem to be fixed still. As a solution, you can still go for a hard reset, although you can just wait for the next update if it still does not work.

4. Easily scratched

Quite immediately after the launch, many reports about the iPhone 5 aluminum casing easily getting scratched around the edges emerged. It was easily chipped off, revealing the aluminum body underneath. Although Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing boss, has said that this is “normal” for any aluminum product, many iPhone users don’t feel any better though.

You Can Wipe Off iPhone 5′s Rear Case Scratches

You Can Wipe Off iPhone 5′s Rear Case Scratches [video]

5. Photos show a purple glare

The iPhone 5 camera should supposedly be the best of the iPhones yet. However, after several uses, many have noticed a purple glare in the standard flare lens effect we’ve been used to. The difference is remarkably clear between the photos captured by the iPhone 4 to those of the iPhone 5. A simple solution would be to find another angle, or shield the lens, to eliminate the problem.

The iPhone 5 may not be as glamorous as we think it is. There are temporary solutions to most of its problems though, but what we’d really want are permanent ones.

The gym is the place where you can work those muscles out to achieve your dream figure. But who doesn’t want a good beat to keep you pumped up and all the more motivated? Sure, you can say that you’re good to go with an mp3 player and pair of headphones. Just you be sure those headphones are well-suited for the rough day ahead. Well, here are the ones that are.

1. Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones

These Klipsch headphones are true to their word. The bass ultimately dominates your music in a good kind of way. Moreover, the noise-isolating feature will also make you forget about all the other people in the gym as it keeps the sound intact and for your ears only. Klipsch is a great choice if you need focus in your workouts.

2. Denon Exercise Freak In-Ear Headphones

If you want headphones that are good quality, comfortable, and reasonably priced, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Denon Exercise. These headphones are even wireless, that way you wouldn’t have to worry about getting your wires tangled with the dumbbells and other gym equipment. With just the right mix of style and price, these headphones are your perfect buddy in the gym.

3. Monster iSport Immersion In-Ear Headphones

In the realm of in-ear earphones, this must be the most comfortable pair there is. It is has durability right up its sleeve as it boasts to be water and splash resistant – a perfect feature for gym rats who sweat a little too much. Not only are you assured of its physical wonder, the Monster also proves to be a monster with the sound it creates. It plays crystal clear music which will keep you entertained all throughout your workout.

4. Motorola S-10 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

This wireless pair of headphones do not only come classy-looking, it also is one of the lightest there is – and you don’t want to a heavy pair to tug on your ears the whole time you break a sweat. The sound quality is good too as it offers a full and rich sound you can easily control with its track changing buttons. These are sweat-resistant too, but only that, so you have to keep it above the waters. They’re reasonably priced as well so they are worth checking out on your search.

5. JVC HAEBX85Z Inner Ear Sports Clip Headphone

This is the perfect pair for you to use and abuse. Not only is it cheap, it is also comfortable, lightweight, and durable, with a sound quality that is not that bad, either. If you’re not looking for something too fancy and just need a pair of headphones that will thrive with you during your gym sessions, this is something you might want to try out.

You might think that you don’t need to be too meticulous when it comes to choosing the right headphones. But really, you don’t want to use something that will make you miss out on an awesome experience you will get from a lot more headphones out there. So don’t just settle for anything less.